We have two locations: Riverside Lodge located on the Beaver River near Meadow Lake and Lakeside Lodge located on Green Lake. 

The two lodges are less than 45 minutes apart in driving time. The locations for both lodges were chosen for their proximity to both huntable and watchable wildlife and are truly unique and special places of unspoiled beauty. Situated on the edge of the forest line, our lodges provide easy access to the wildlife-nurturing agricultural lands to the south and the lakes, rivers and forest uplands to the north that are rugged, wild and rich in game. At night, the northern lights frequently perform their mesmerizing dance in the sky and the howl of coyotes often can be heard in the distance. 

A visit to one of our lodges is a memorable part of what promises to be a fantastic hunting trip – an experience to remember! 

Riverside Lodge

Riverside Lodge is located near the confluence of two rivers, the Beaver and the Meadow.

There is a large Ducks Unlimited Marsh Project near the lodge which attracts a wide range of wildlife right to the front lawn!

The main lodge is stocked with fresh-baked muffins, cookies and snacks for you to grab for your hunt or enjoy between meals. Your days start with a home-cooked breakfast in the main lodge dining room prepared by Chef Craig Wheeler. The large dining room serves as a place for good food, camaraderie and relaxation. After a day of hunting, a fantastic dinner and delicious desserts will set the stage for a perfect evening.

You can also relax in our leather recliners in the entertainment room to catch a football game or watch your favorite hunting show on our big-screen televisions. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available for you to contact your family or work. 

The area immediately surrounding the hunting lodge features a state-of-the-art clay pigeon thrower, campfire pit, BBQ grill and a large shop where you will meet your guide each morning for coffee and a snack before setting out on your hunt. When not hunting, you can relax in the private and peaceful atmosphere on the front porch overlooking the river or ask how you can add fishing to your hunting adventure!

The Cabins

  • Moose Cabin: Sleeps 6 with three double rooms. It features a living room with TV, full-size refrigerator, Keurig coffee station and a full bathroom.
  • Duck and Goose Cabins: Duck and Goose are our two duplexes. Each cabin sleeps 4 people. It includes a full bathroom, Keurig coffee station, mini fridge, television, air conditioning and a front porch.
  • Bear Cabin: Sleeps 2-3 people
  • Lodge Room: Sleeps 2 people, full bathroom adjacent to the room.

We can accommodate from 2 to 16 guests at the main lodge which is suitable for meetings, events and family retreats during our “off-season” winter and summer months. 

The main lodge offers a chef’s kitchen fully stocked with cooking supplies and utensils for your use. 

Lakeside Lodge

Lakeside Lodge, located on scenic Green Lake, has a large common space with a bar, leather couches and dining area that divides the two hallways of eight bedrooms for added privacy.  You’ll wake up to the beautiful sunrise over gorgeous Green Lake, a magnificent sight to take in from our private dock. The kitchen is always stocked with fresh-baked muffins, cookies and snacks you can enjoy anytime and you should certainly stash some in your hunting pack to snack on in the field. Mornings start in the large dining area with a home-cooked breakfast expertly prepared by Chef Lori Saam and after a memorable day of hunting, you’ll return to the lodge to enjoy a fantastic dinner and dessert. 

You can relax in the comfortable leather reclining chairs in the entertainment room and catch a football game or favorite hunting show on our big-screen television. You can connect to our complimentary Wi-Fi to keep in touch with your family or work. You can also unwind on the large deck overlooking the lake, enjoy a beverage near the fire pit or soak in the hot tub. And if you’re interested in fishing, just ask how you can add that to your hunting adventure!

Lakeside Lodge Rooms – each room has its own bathroom

  • Wolf Room: 1 Queen, 2 Twins
  • Bear Room: 1 Queen, 2 Twins
  • Elk Room: 1 Queen, 2 Twins
  • Deer Room: 1 Queen, 2 Twins
  • Loft Room: 4 Twins 
  • Eagle Room: 1 Queen, 2 Twins
  • Jackfish Room: 3 Twins 
  • Moose Room: 1 King
  • Rabbit Room: 1 Queen, 2 Twins

Near the hunting lodge is a large shop where you will meet your guide each morning to set out for your hunt.

We have a dock (With room to launch a boat at the property and two other boat launches down the road), full kitchen, BBQ grill, fire pit, large dining room, living room, bar area, quiet study room, Wi-Fi and cable TV. 

Outpost Camps

Disconnect and Get Lost in the Wilderness

Proven to be popular with our hunters, our outpost or spike camps are situated deep within the hunting concession. 

For those wanting a more rustic and less technological accommodation, we offer our secluded Minnow Lake camp, the more remote Moose Lake tent camp and the rustic Beatty log cabin.

Minnow Lake Outpost Camp

This four-person outpost cabin, remotely located on Minnow Lake, is accessible only by a half-hour quad ride through wooded paths. Perhaps it doesn’t have all the comforts of home but it is comfortable and does feature propane-powered electricity and heat – but not running water. A front porch overlooks beautiful Minnow Lake. If you’re looking to escape – and live closer to our hunting area, this is your remote get-away!

Moose Lake Outpost Camp

This four-person tented outpost camp is remotely located in the woods adjacent to Moose Lake. This camp may be considered roughing it with no running water but it is still comfortable and, more importantly, it will get you into prime deer and bear country.  This property and sites haven’t been hunted in years.

Beatty Outpost Camp
Beatty Lake Outpost Camp

Accessible only by a half-hour quad ride through wooded paths, this remote outpost cabin is located north of the lodge on Beatty Lake. It’s ruggedly comfortable, featuring propane-powered electricity and heat. No running water though. But if you’re looking for a remote but beautiful location from which to base your hunt, this is it.

Note: Everyone staying at our outpost camps will be served meals by your guide and will be brought to the main lodge every other night for a hot shower and home-cooked meal. 

Lodge Rentals

Our beautiful lodges – Riverside Lodge located on the Beaver River in Meadow Lake and Lakeside Lodge located on Green Lake – are available for rent for private get-aways, family gatherings, corporate events, weddings, receptions or other events.

Both lodge locations are special places chosen for the truly unique setting and unspoiled beauty. Situated on the edge of the forest line, our lodges are a unique combination of easy accessibility, remote beauty and rugged charm in a picturesque natural setting. You can expect to see the visually stunning northern lights dancing in the night sky and hear coyotes howling in the distance.

Our lodges are the perfect setting to make your visit – whether a small personal retreat or a large event gathering – memorable. 

Check-in: Any time after 4 p.m. (Or prior permission to access earlier)
Check-out: Any time before 12 noon

Lakeside Lodge Rental


  • $150 CAD per couple (one room), per night*
  • $90 CAD per person, per night*
  • Up to 12 guests = $900 CAD flat rate per night
  • 12-33 guests (Max Capacity, 2 per Queen/King bed) = $75 per person (Corporate Events, Weddings, etc.)
  • Children under 2 are free

*Prices plus tax (GST 5% & PST 6%)

(Minimum 4 couples per night for lodge exclusivity)

E-transfer, PayPal, check or cash accepted.
A credit card is needed as a safety deposit but nothing will be charged unless damage occurs or you cancel your reservation. 
Credit card is an option for payment but there is a 3% fee

Lakeside room layout:

  • Wolf: 1 Queen, 2 Twins
  • Bear: 1 Queen (Muriel), 2 Twins
  • Elk: 1 Queen, 2 Twins
  • Deer: 3 Twins
  • Loft: 4 Twins
  • Eagle: 1 Queen/King
  • Jackfish: 2 Twins
  • Moose: 2 Twins
  • Rabbit: 1 King, 1 Twin

Each room has its own bathroom.

We have a dock with room to launch a boat at the property and two other boat launches just down the road. Other features: full kitchen, BBQ grill, fire pit, large dining room, living room, bar area, quiet study room, Wi-Fi and cable TV.

All bed linens, towels, paper products and kitchen cooking supplies/utensils are available for your use.
Alarm system/surveillance cameras: We have a state-of-the-art alarm system (with an access code that will be provided) that you can “arm-stay” at night when you are inside or “arm-away” if you will be leaving. We also have security cameras inside and outside we can access 24/7 for your safety and security. 

Additional Notes
Since we are a hunting lodge (when in season), our facilities are furnished with fine examples of taxidermy. Any damage done to mounted animals will be charged accordingly.

We keep any extra lodging rooms locked so they stay clean and unused. If you need additional rooms unlocked other than those originally requested, you will be charged accordingly for cleaning services.

There is a hot tub on the premises at Lakeside Lodge but it must remain private due to insurance purposes. Please email us for details.

Riverside Lodge Rental


  • Moose cabin: 6 twins $240/night
  • Goose cabin: 4 twins $160/night
  • Duck cabin: 4 twins $160/night
  • Deer cabin: (Honeymoon Suite) 1 queen $80/night
  • Lodge room: 2 twins $80/night

Main Lodge/Kitchen use (pre- and/or post-usage for non-event day) $200/day/night 

Includes: Wi-Fi and cable TV in lounge/living room area, dining room, kitchen with oven, stove, commercial refrigerator, coffee pots, laundry facilities, ice machine, microwave, two upright freezers, all utensils, etc., and all linens.

Wedding/Event Rentals at Riverside


  • Moose cabin: 6 twins $240/night
  • Goose cabin: 4 twins $160/night
  • Duck cabin: 4 twins $160/night
  • Deer cabin: (Honeymoon Suite) 1 queen $80/night
  • Lodge room: 2 twins $80/night

Main Lodge/Kitchen usage: $200/day/night 
(Pre- and/or post-usage for non-event day)

Includes: Wi-Fi and cable TV in lounge/living room area, dining room, kitchen with oven, stove, commercial refrigerator, coffee pots, laundry facilities, ice machine, microwave, two upright freezers, all utensils, etc. and all linens.

Grounds: $2,750/event day* 
Includes: lawn mowed and nicely landscaped, dumpster usage, ice machine, kitchen utensils, stove, dishwasher, oven and food storage in commercial refrigerator and two upright freezers, microwave, fire pit area with firewood, wrap-around porch with outdoor dining seating.

*Plus GST/PST taxes and fees

Use of large shop: $1,000/night
On-site coordinator stays on the premises for your event 24/7 to oversee maintenance of the lodge. The on-site coordinator is not an event coordinator; event details are your responsibility.

Security deposit: 50% of total cost 90 days before event, credit card on file 

You are required to hold event-liability insurance for your event. An event-liability policy covers any issues resulting from your event. These are relatively inexpensive (averaging $100-$300 depending on size and length of event) through HUB insurance.

For event-liability insurance information, contact:

Eric Moland
Direct Line: 780-234-0070
Cell: 780-915-0035
Toll-free: 877- 542-3968

Traveling To Safari River

The most convenient airports are Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (3 hours) and Edmonton, Alberta (4 hours).

Airfare, rental vehicles, and hotel accommodations in Saskatoon or Edmonton are not included in your hunt package.

All visitors to Canada must have a valid passport. Have your passport with you when you get to the airport and do not attempt to bring into Canada more alcohol or tobacco products than you are allowed. If you have a criminal record, even a DUI, you may be refused entry. If so, contact Canada border crossing services prior to your travel way in advance so they can assess your admissibility into Canada.

The nearest town is about 15 minutes away and has a population of around 5,000 people. It is host to a few sporting goods stores, a liquor store, grocery stores, a fitness center, hardware stores, hotels, bars, restaurants, a bowling alley, movie theater, doctors, dentists, a hospital and pharmacies.

The professional hunting and fishing consultants at Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA) have teamed up with Travel With Guns (TWG) to offer clients the very best travel services available. Traveling with firearms and/or ammo can be at times both difficult and overwhelming.

TWG is the industry leader and has the experience to assist hunters so that they can get to where they are going, accompanied by their guns and ammo. TWG TRAVEL helps you navigate the complex process of transporting firearms before your exotic hunt. Their 24/7 support while traveling, means their friendly staff is on hand at all times to respond to your calls or emails in a timely manner. Other features of their travel services include:

  • Handling Arrangements, Airfare, & Accommodations
  • Real-Time Tracking of Lost or Stolen Luggage via Blue Ribbon Bag
  • Travel Insurance Geared towards Hunters (Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance) 

Start planning your trip with assistance from TWG/WTA.

Canada Border Crossing Services


A Non-resident Firearms Declaration Form is required for a cost of $25 (Canadian). To save time, we recommend you complete the form ahead of time.

  • Declare firearms in writing to a customs officer at the point of entry to Canada, using the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration (form RCMP 5589).
  • If there are more than three firearms, a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Continuation Sheet (form RCMP 5590) should be added.
  • The declaration form should be filled out prior to arrival at the point of entry, in order to save time. However, it should not be signed before arriving at the entry point, as a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) customs officer must witness the signature.
  • Once the declaration has been confirmed by the CBSA customs officer, it acts as a license for the owner and it is valid for 60 days. The declaration can be renewed for free, providing it is renewed before it expires, by contacting the Chief Firearms Officer (call 1-800-731-4000) of the relevant province or territory.

Pre-processing for non-resident hunters: CBSA pre-processing for non-resident hunters who wish to process their firearm prior to entering Canada (this option is only available if the hunter is coming into Canada through Saskatoon, in other words direct from the United States, landing in Saskatoon)

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form (PDF)

Fax cover sheet: Fax Cover Sheet (PDF)

If there are any questions regarding this please contact the Canada Border Services Agency office in Saskatoon at 306-975-4755.

Ammunition: If you plan to supply your own shells for hunting in Saskatchewan, there is a limit to the amount of ammunition you can carry across the border. Saskatchewan customs can provide you with specifics.  

Air Travel/Security: Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) wants to make sure hunters know the rules at pre-board screening to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport security checkpoint. Here’s some of their advice to hunters who will be taking a commercial flight to their hunting spot.

Firearms Safety (PDF)